If you are looking for what is the correct heart disease diet, then you have come to the right place. In this article, not only will I tell you that what is the right heart disease diet but also the parameters to choose the same. Without much ado, let us look at the best heart disease diet.

1 – Stay away from fatty and oily food

Put this to your memory forever, fatty food is like poison to a person with heart problem because it increases the cholesterol levels, which in turn blocks the arteries and thereby effects the heart.

2 – Prefer food that reduces inflammation and enhances good cholesterol

Let us look at both the points in detail. Excess inflammation in the body is one more reason for heart related issues in the body. If somehow you can control this inflammation, a lot of issues can be avoided. Not many people are aware that our body consists of two types of cholesterol LDL and HDL. LDL is the good cholesterol, which keeps heart healthy. Therefore, experts recommend having diet that increases LDL.

The best source of diet, which can help you in such situation, is the high-quality fish oil supplements. These supplements are a rich source of DHA omega3 fatty acids. These acids are very effective in inhibiting the excess inflammation of the body and help in controlling the inflammation cycle of the body.

In addition, these fatty acids also help in increasing the level of LDL and decreasing the levels of HDL. As you can see, these fatty acids also help in controlling the cholesterol in the body. You can achieve all this with the help of a right quality supplement or else you might end up dealing with the side effects. The way to avoid side effects is to identify low quality and mediocre supplements.

Read the Certificate of Analysis to find out the purity. The lower the levels of purity on the Certificate of Analysis the better the quality of oil is. Read the level of DHA present in the oil. High quality supplement has at least 250mg of DHA in a 1000mg of gel. There are many supplements with less than 200mg of DHA per gel, such supplements are nothing but a waste of money.

Finally, cut the gel and smell the oil. If you get a faint ocean water smell then it is the right choice for heart disease diet. Else, if you get artificial fragrances like lime, orange etc. then be sure that manufacturer is trying to hide stale oil behind the fragrance. Now that you know what the correct heart disease diet is and how to select the same, it is time to put this information to test and select the best possible fish supplement for you and your family.

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