It is sad but true that not many people are aware of the fact the best cardiovascular disease treatment is pure and high-quality fish oil supplement. The reason may be ignorance or lack of information.

In this article, I will give you enough information that why fish oil is the best cardiovascular disease treatment and how to select the best and effective supplement from the lot available in the market.

Here is the secret feature of fish oil, which makes it the best cardiovascular disease treatment.

Omega3 DHA content 
Yes, that’s correct, fish oil is a rich source of DHA omega3 fatty acids. It is these fatty acids, which provide all the health benefits.

DHA helps in regulating the inflammation cycle of the body and therefore helps in keeping it under control. It also helps in reducing any excess inflammation, which might be bad for the heart.

These fats also help in decreasing the bad cholesterol i.e. LDL. HDL. Therefore, they help in balancing the cholesterol in the body.

Coming to the best source, as I said I would tell you the parameters to select the best source. Here they are.

High DHA content 
As we saw that the benefits of omega3 supplements are because of DHA therefore, make sure that the supplement that you are planning to buy has proper DHA level. Experts recommend at least 250mg of DHA in 1000mg of gel.

The second most important parameter is purity. Make sure you read the Certificate of Analysis provided with each supplement. It tells the number of impurities present in the oil. The lower the value the better the oil is. It also tells the TOTOX (total oxidation) value. Make sure this value is also low, only then the oil is of high quality.

Last but not least, never settle for stale oil, because stale oil can lead to side effects and it loses its properties and staleness render the oil useless. To check the freshness you can cut the gel and smell the resulting oil. If it smells like ocean water then the oil is fresh else if you get any lime or any artificial fragrance then be sure that the manufacturer is trying to hide stale oil.

So there you have it – only the best and effective fish oil is the best cardiovascular disease treatment. There is no second thought about it, today, more and more physicians are recommending high DHA fish supplements to counter the heart-related problems.

Your goal should now be to search some of the best fish oil cardiovascular disease treatment and say goodbye to all your worries.

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