The very fact that you are looking for cardiovascular disease diet tells me that you have little or no information on this topic and you are looking for some help.

Well, you have come to the right place; here is an article, which not only tells you that what is the most important component of a cardiovascular disease diet but also its most effective source.

Hands down the best source of cardiovascular disease diet are high DHA omega3 supplements.

Does your existing diet consist of these supplements? If not, then you might seriously be missing a vital component of your diet. Read on to find out.

1 – DHA controls the inflammation in the body 
One of the most common reasons for blood pressure and other cardio related issues is the excess of inflammation in the body. The diet that we eat also contributes to increasing the inflammation in the body. DHA fats once inside the body are converted to a chemical called Resolvin D2. It is responsible for reducing excess inflammation in the body and controlling the cardio related issues.

2 – DHA decreases the LDL or bad cholesterol 
Our body consists of two types of cholesterol, LDL the bad cholesterol, and HDL the good cholesterol. HDL comes to our rescue from the heart-related issues. DHA fats are responsible for lowering the LDL in the body and hence fighting off the heart-related issues. DHA also helps in preventing the plaque from being attached to the inner walls of arteries thus keeps a tab on the blood pressure.

You can reap all these benefits of DHA omega 3 fats only if you select a high-quality fish oil supplement. Lower quality or a mediocre supplement can do more harm than good.

How to identify

The best way to identify a good supplement is to look at its Certificate of Analysis. The lower the levels of impurities the better the oil is. In addition, you can look at the TOTOX i.e. total oxidation value. It tells the level of freshness of the oil. Again, a lower value indicates higher quality.

Some manufacturers add an artificial fragrance to their products to make them more enticing and easy to consume. However, the fact is that they are trying to hide the fact that their oil is stale. To verify the freshness of the oil, you can cut the gel and smell the oil that comes out of it. Fresh oil smells like ocean water and has no trace of any artificial fragrance.

So there you have it – high DHA omega 3 supplements are the most important component of a cardiovascular disease diet. Put this information to test and choose the right cardiovascular disease diet to your family.

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