Of the many perils of urbanization, heart-related issues are the most disturbing lot. A look at any cardiovascular statistics can tell you the same. Every other person is having some or the other cardio problem.

Blame it on the lifestyle, food, or ignorance, whatever the case may be, cardiovascular statistics do not lie, they simply tell the truth that the situation has reached an alarming level.

The least we can do to take care of our heart is to have a correct diet. In fact, small steps can take you a long way. Read on to find out.

1 – Avoid the diet that enhances inflammation 
Fast food, junk food, oily and spicy food gives rise to inflammation in the body. This kind of diet is rich in omega6 fatty acids, which increase the inflammation and hence enhance the risk of heart-related problems. Therefore, avoid such kind of diet.

2 – Indulge in some light exercise 
Light exercise is very helpful in building the stamina and strengthening the heart. It increases the blood flow to the body and supplies ample oxygen to all the parts of the body. Do not forget to consult your physician before starting any type of exercise regimen.

3 – Start taking fish oil omega 3 supplements 
Fish supplements are the best source of omega3 fats. These fats are very helpful in controlling the inflammation and cardio related issues in the body.

You might be surprised to know that experts worldwide recommend omega3 supplements to counter many health conditions like arthritis, dyslexia, ADHD, macular degeneration.

In the cardiovascular world, omega3 is a known boon. Many physicians simply rely on these supplements rather than prescribing some complex medicine to their patients.

The reason for all this is very simple, the oil, which is used in these supplements, is of high quality. A revolutionary process called the molecular distillation removes all the impurities of the oil. Moreover, the fish, which is the source of this oil is caught from the pristine waters of the southern coast and is relatively less contaminated.

As a knowledgeable consumer, you must ask for the COA – Certificate of Analysis from the seller. This certificate is a true picture of the purity and quality of the oil. Look at the TOTOX value of the oil, the lower the value the better is the oil.

In addition, if you want to check the freshness of the oil, you can cut open a gel and smell the oil. Fresh oil smells like ocean water. If the oil is not fresh then manufacturers add an additional fragrance to hide the staleness of the oil. Therefore, if you encounter some artificial fragrance like lime or orange then it is an indicator of low-quality oil.

So there you have it – a simple yet effective solution to turn around the conclusion of cardiovascular statistics. Put this information to test right now and select high quality and pure supplement for you and your family.

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